For the Public

It doesn’t need to stop with your physician. From hypnotherapy and chiropractic to Meridian Tapping and hands-on healing, there is a wide variety of professional interventions that can help you feel better, lesson pain, become stronger, stress less, and help you on your path to full recovery. Alternative & Complementary Healthcare is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of modalities and approaches, all of which are meant to compliment traditional allopathic medicine approaches.  Whether you are unsure of what exactly alternative healthcare is, or very knowledgeable and want to immediately integrate it into your treatment or personal journey to health, you’ve come to the right place! ACHP can provide you with listings to various practitioners, specializing in different modalities, that you can try – complete with user ratings and reviews, so you can approach your new experience with alternative or complementary healthcare comfortably. We also offer resources that you can use to learn more about alternative healthcare in general, or a specific modality, including in-person training opportunities, online courses, searchable resources, and home study materials.

It is our goal to help spread the word about the efficacy and importance of alternative and complementary healthcare options.  They are never intended to replace professional, medical/mental consultation, and should often be utilized under the supervision of a medical professional. It is always complementary alongside of traditional medical and mental health methods.

For the Professional

Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Professionals (ACHP) was formed to address the need for an independent, global organization that is not associated with any particular modality, and caters to the alternative & complementary healthcare community as a whole.  We believe that the lack of such an organization is one of the core reasons that the movement to bring complementary and alternative health services to mankind has been running in place for the last few years, despite growing interest in non-allopathic approaches. We know that most certified practitioners in these fields never get beyond attending trainings.  We know how many challenges  practitioners face in creating and maintaining a successful practice. We know that individuals working in the alternative and complementary healthcare world, like you, are passionate about what they do to help others, and not necessarily experts at marketing, building websites, or networking, and you shouldn’t have to be!

Our services are designed to eliminate the barriers in acquiring and maintaining a clientele, reaching out to new potential audiences, continuing your professional development, and offering you the support of a professional community who understands first hand the ins and outs of your business. ACHP is the one-stop-shop for you in your journey to becoming the most successful alternative health practitioner you can be. ACHP will provide access to the services for every aspect of creating, maintaining, and expanding an alternative healthcare practice. Whether it be connecting you with professional services with people who are familiar with alternative and complementary healthcare business, helping you build and maintain a website, streamlining your certifications and qualifications, or connecting you to new, potential clientele, ACHP is prepared to go far beyond telling you how to build your practice – we can do it for you.

  • Put our money into getting the word out. We advertise, we submit articles, we organize meetings, we contact press, and more. You can’t have a thriving practice if the main stream public doesn’t know – or more importantly – doesn’t understand what we do.
  • Recognize your certifications, no matter which governing body they came from. Are you a Level 2 EFT Practitioner through AAMET? A Reiki Master? A certified hypnotherapist through NGH? Great! Let us help you share your skills, or gain even more – you don’t have to jump through our own specific hoops to be recognized as qualified.
  • Act as a comprehensive, professional community where we can all be on the same page– as alternative health professionals, we all have a global goal of changing the world for the better.
  • Connect you with other alternative and complementary health professionals, outside services and professionals who understand your business, potential clients, and valuable resources – ACHP seeks to be your one-stop-shop for your alternative healthcare needs.
  • Help you handle the hard stuff. We want to connect you to people can help you tackle the challenges of running a successful alternative health practice, or help you get your new practice off the ground!
  • Continue to grow to meet the ever-evolving needs of the community; so together we can change the world.

Your List of Challenges and How We Can Help

Here are some of the common difficulties faced by alternative health practitioners, and ways ACHP can serve you:

“I’m looking for a way to move forward in my credentials that honors the work I’ve already completed.  It seems that all of the current options want me to re-do the work I’ve already done, just because I did it through an “old” or “different” organization.”

The alternative and complementary health world has evolved quickly, and continues to do so – at ACHP, we are prepared to recognize the certification and credentialing work you’ve already done, giving you a seamless and effective path to promote your current skills and continue to add more, should you choose to do so. Since we aren’t affiliated with one governing body or modality, you don’t have to jump through hoops to be recognized as qualified!

“I want to grow my practice, but I don’t know where to find more clients.” 

ACHP offers a variety of services to help you expand your clientele. Not only do we offer a professional community where people can find alternative and complementary health practitioners through profiles and user ratings, but we also offer a long list of marketing services, from print design to video, and websites to social media. And, we don’t just tell you how to do it – we’ll do it for you! 

“I want someone to handle the parts of my business I know nothing about for me. I’m not interested in learning to do something new right now.” 

At ACHP, we know first hand how much is involved in running your own alternative or complementary health practice, and we know your real passion lies with helping the people you work with. You can utilize our services to do the rest for you­­.

“I get so caught up in the daily tasks just maintaining my business that I don’t have time to grow it or move forward.” 

Which part are you WORST at? Or you hate most? We can find the person to do that part for you. And each person we offer knows the alternative and complementary healthcare space.

“I know I need to set up a website for my practice, but I don’t know how and have no idea where to start.” 

Developing a website for your practice can be one of the most important tools you have to grow your business, but it can be more involved than most people think. What if you could simply be interviewed on the phone and that person writes the copy? ACHP can help you develop a website to meet your needs from scratch – we offer content, information layout, design, hosting, search engine optimization, social media integration, online scheduling and payment, and more! Even better, you’ll be working with people who already understand your business – there’s no need to spend time explaining what it is that you do to someone who doesn’t understand.

“I would love to teach classes and workshops in addition to working one-on-one, but it seems like so much to pull together.” 

We know the value in group classes and trainings when it comes to spreading the word about alternative healthcare modalities, and want to help you set up and run your own successful events. Utilize our event coordination services, event marketing services, location services, and even work with an on-site coordinator – we have everything you need to take the next step! [Coming soon!]

“I would love to find someone with a similar experience level to myself to connect with. Trading sessions, touching base about difficult cases… I have been able to grow my client base, but I need my professional network to grow too.” 

ACHP is a comprehensive professional network – whether you’re looking to network with other professionals, explore additional modalities, or you’re an individual looking for an alternative or complementary health professional, you can use our verified, user-rated profiles to find someone that’s right for you. Because we aren’t limited to one, single modality or even one governing association, you have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for – and you can trust that we’ve checked and verified the credentials of each person we list!

“It’s been really difficult to find a way to advertise energy and healing work.” 

Alternative and complementary health professionals like you are very good at practicing and understanding the modalities in which they’ve invested. Advertising professionals are very good at advertising. ACHP is proud to offer you the best of both worlds – professionals in marketing and advertising who are also experts in the alternative health industry. It doesn’t get an easier!

“I am struggling with how to transition from learning and offering free services to people to actually starting a business and charging money.” 

Taking the step from offering free or practice sessions in your modality to actually starting a practice or complementary health business can be daunting. Not only can ACHP connect you with a community of professionals who have already done it, but we also offer business assistance, including coaching and virtual assistants, as well as a variety of services to meet the needs of the self-employed, including legal, accounting, and merchant set up services. If you’re unsure of where to start, we can help!

“I need an assistant who understands this type of business and who I can trust to be professional.” 

ACHP offers business assistance that is truly unique.  Our aim is to connect you with professionals who already understand the ins and outs of alternative and complementary healthcare, and the unique needs that come along with running your own practice. We can connect you with a virtual assistant who is familiar with the nature of your business, making the transition seamless!

“I’m afraid that if I grow my practice, it’ll become overwhelming and I won’t be able to spend my time actually working with other people.” 

Managing your own practice involves so much more than working with clients, and it can be overwhelming. ACHP was created to fill this gap – we can save you time, energy, and money by giving you access to a variety of business, marketing, and planning resources developed by professionals who have already tried and tested the methods and resources we offer. You benefit from their experience, without the trial and error, or frustration, of doing it on your own. We can do it for you!

“I’m not sure how to connect with the people from my area specifically.” 

As a part of ACHP’s marketing services, we can help you optimize your website to reach the correct audiences, design and produce promotional items, harness the power of social media for reaching more people, and even provide you with resources and public relation services specifically targeted for your area.

“I’m not sure of the best way to set up note taking, forms, accepting insurance, and payments.” 

ACHP knows that these types of barriers often keep practitioners from growing their practices, or even starting at all. Our services for sole proprietors include legal services, insurance and health care services, merchant set up, and more. We can help you set up an online appointment scheduler and online payments for ease of tracking clients and payments, and our templates will take care of the forms you need for your practice. It doesn’t get easier!

“How can I introduce my alternative modality in other professional settings, like hospitals, schools, yoga and health studios, etc.?”   

Introducing your particular alternative or complementary health modality into other environments can be done with success. As a part of our online training programs, we are pleased to offer you resources on how exactly to achieve this type of integration.

“I need to get up to speed on social media and internet marketing – it all changes so fast, I’m not sure I can keep up!”

We can do it for you!  Social media and internet marketing is a growing, evolving field.  Our web and marketing services can provide you with all of the expertise you need – specialized for your alternative/complementary healthcare practice!