EFT Tapping Points

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – and MTT – Meridian Tapping Techniques is probably the fastest-growing therapy technique ever – for self help or with experienced practitioners. It combines ancient oriental perspective and learning about our energy body and current ideas of cells, body energy and quantum physics in improving our well being and health.… Read more »

Our Annual Spring Energy Event – What’s in it for YOU?

Jondi Whitis

Today’s guest is Jondi Whitis, a professional EFT trainer and mentor in New York City.  Passionate about community building, mentoring new practitioners, trauma relief, veterans’ and families with PTSD, and children issues, she joyfully offers customized  ‘EFT Training for Mastery’ to laypersons and professional healthcare workers, alike. Jondi Whitis is an Accredited Certified EFT Trainer,… Read more »

How can I tap in public?

Ann Adams

A: Ann Adams, LCSW writes: I teach all my clients “stealthy tapping.” We simply play around with various natural touches that can be used anywhere anytime. Rubbing our finger under our nose, or leaning your chin on your hand with a bent finger, or scratching our heads or under our arms, or placing our fingers around… Read more »