Life Strategist, Coach, Hypnotherapist: Karen Stultz

Karen Stultz has been studying and learning alternative methods to compliment today’s Healthcare Systems since 2001. She began studying Life and Business Coaching, then proceeded to Life Strategy, EFT, and Hypnotherapy gathering tools, that would not only help her grow, but would serve the uniqueness of others. Now she successfully uses these tools and processes to help women discover what is really important to them, and use their Uniqueness,to breakthrough their pain, physical and emotional, and create a Life of Prosperity, Joy, Freedom and most importantly, Inner Peace… on their terms. It is Never too late to Be the Architect of Your Life! She has discovered who she is, lives in authenticity, and now she mentors others who are ready to say “YES” to discovering and standing in their truth and having prosperity and joy and freedom to LIVE!