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Membership on the ACHPros site is for individuals who are trained, certified or licensed in an alternative health modality.  Our membership program is perfect for you, whether you’re looking to grow your client base, increase your online presence, or connect with other alternative and complementary healthcare professionals.  It allows you to:

  • Search our database of other practitioners and professionals
  • Rate and write reviews for your experiences with other members
  • Search our database of articles and resources
  • Connect with an expanding community of professionals in your modality and others
  • Customize your own Practitioner Profile with images, video, and certifications, modalities, contact information, and web address
  • Include your profile in our searchable database of practitioners to gain more clients and network your skills
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Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Professionals: Account Verification
Account verification is an optional service provided by Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Pros in which we check and verify your credentials, training, and qualifications. Once complete, your profile will be marked