How can I tap in public?

A: Ann Adams, LCSW writes: I teach all my clients “stealthy tapping.” We simply play around with various natural touches that can be used anywhere anytime.

Rubbing our finger under our nose, or leaning your chin on your hand with a bent finger, or scratching our heads or under our arms, or placing our fingers around our eyes, or holding our palm on our chest, all are natural movements we make many times each day. Stealthy tapping simply uses these natural touches with focus and intent.

I also teach people to “finger tap,” another useful stealthy tapping tool. Use your index finger to tap or rub the edge of your thumb and then use your thumb to tap or rub the other fingers. Use these natural points as you silently focus on the emotion or the feeling in your body or a particular scene of an event. You can tap or squeeze your fingertips under the table at an office meeting.

Being really tuned in to the feeling is what is important; words are often not necessary at all. This way we can tap in public and no one notices.

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