Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACHP?

Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Professionals (ACHP) was formed to address the need for an independent, global organization that is not associated with any particular modality, and caters to the alternative healthcare community as a whole.  We believe that the lack of such an organization is one of the core reasons that the movement to bring complementary and alternative health services to mankind has been running in place for the last few years, despite growing interest in non-allopathic approaches.

Our services are designed to eliminate the barriers in acquiring and maintaining a clientele, reaching out to new potential audiences, continuing your professional development, and offering you the support of a professional community who understands first hand the ins and outs of the alternative and complementary healthcare business. ACHP is the one-stop-shop for you in your journey to becoming the most successful practitioner you can be.

I am already a part of another organization, why should I join ACHP?

The alternative and complementary health community is growing, and quickly. We use membership fees to pay for advertising to the public. There are currently countless organizations, governing bodies, and modalities out there – each with its own requirements, restrictions, and direction. Since ACHP is not associated with any single modality, we are able to offer a comprehensive, professional community to all alternative and complementary health practitioners, with access to resources that go well beyond your modality alone, and can offer you the tools you need to be successful in your practice. From professional websites, marketing services, and legal needs, to insurance and accounting needs, event coordination, and public relations, we have everything you need to take your practice to the next level. ACHP is unique because it was designed with you in mind – and we know first hand exactly what is involved in creating a successful alternative practice.

I have certifications from another organization, and have been told by other groups that they cannot recognize them. Do I have to start over with ACHP?

ACHP is prepared to recognize, with verification, the certifications and trainings you have completed with other organizations. We value your time and resources as much as you do, and see no need in making you jump through a new set up hoops in order to be seen as qualified. Regardless of the modality, the version, or the source of your certifications, as long as you can prove that you completed the work with a certificate or other form of verification, ACHP will recognize them.

Are you one of the many who completed a certification in your modality, only to have the leadership or requirements change? Have you tried to migrate to other governing bodies, only to find out that your comparable certifications would not be recognized? We are here for you in your journey as an alternative health practitioner – while maintaining high standards or acceptance and certification; we recognize the value in previous work.

Is there a difference between my ACHP Directory Listing and ACHP website services?

Yes! Both your ACHP directory listing and our website services can benefit your practice in different ways. Your ACHP directory listing (included in Professional and Trainer membership levels) provides you with a space in our searchable database of professionals.  Your listing will generally be brief, and include photos, your contact information, qualifications and qualifications. They also allow other members of our community to interact with you, rate your services, and write testimonials. It’s a great way to expand you client base and become active in the ACHP professional community.

Our website services, on the other hand, give ACHP the opportunity to develop an effective, professional website for you. This website would not be a part of the ACHP website, but would be entirely separate to you, owned by you, with your own unique chosen URL and updated by you if you don’t want us to handle that. A website allows you to share more in-depth information, online appointment booking, online payments, and also allows people who are not a part of the ACHP community to connect with you – and since we provide search engine optimization and social media services as well, you won’t have to worry about whether your website is reaching your audiences, we’ll make sure it is!

If I become a member of ACHP, am I required to use the other services you offer?

You are not required to use any of our services as a result of membership, though we can confidently recommend that you consider them! At ACHP, we have developed all of our services from first-hand experience to serve you and your practice. We have connected with professionals who understand the unique challenges and needs of alternative and complementary health practices. All of this was developed with you in mind – so you can choose only the services that you think are best for you and your practice, or none at all.

Can ACHP help me continue training in my modality?

In addition to an extensive network of alternative and complementary healthcare professionals, ACHP is pleased to offer a variety of training and learning opportunities – as well as introducing you to other training opportunities. These include in-person training events, searchable online resources, online trainings, and home study materials.  ACHP has also partnered with reliable training and certification sources in a variety of modalities.

I am looking for a practitioner. How do I start?

ACHP has an extensive database of practitioners specializing in all different alternative health modalities.  Our professional profiles provide you with all of the basic information you need to make a decision about the practitioner that is right for you and get in touch with them, including user ratings, verified certifications, and associated links. Our database is searchable by name, country and location, modality, years in business, user ratings, and more.  It is also important to note that many of the alternative and complementary health modalities we support can be done remotely, over the phone or Skype, so you are not limited to your immediate geographic area!

Membership Questions

What type of membership services do you offer?

ACHP offers a variety of membership opportunities, depending on your specific needs and interests.  Our free, community membership will allow you to access the basic capabilities of our site, including access to a searchable database of practitioners, trainings and events, as well as online resources.  The additional membership opportunities are customized to fit your level of interest and qualifications. You can read about all of our membership tiers here.

What if I am not a practitioner yet? Can I still become a member?

Even if you are not a practitioner, you can become a member of ACHP. Our free Community membership will provide you access the basic capabilities of our site, including access to a searchable database of practitioners, trainings and events, as well as online resources. If you are not yet certified, but are interested in becoming a practitioner or already in the process, you may be interested in membership at the Candidate level. You can also view requirements for our available certifications by clicking here.

What certifications and qualifications can I include on my ACHP profile?

ACHP is not associated with any one alternative health modality. That means that we recognize all alternative and complementary health modalities, as well as certifications from a variety of organizations, governing bodies, and trainers. As long as we can verify the accuracy of your certification, through a certificate or other denotation, you will be able to include it on your ACHP profile. Additionally, we differentiate between skills in which you are certified and skills that you use – we know learning is not a black and white process, and you will be able to include skills and experiences for which you have no certification in the appropriate area of your profile.

What if I am a trainer and also have my own practice? Do I need both memberships?

No. All of our membership plans are offered in tiers, which means all the benefits of our Professional Membership are also included in the Trainer Membership tier.