EFT Certification Requirements

Research on EFT


Our courses are approved for CEs by NASW and NCBTMB and our goal is to expand to other organizations.

If you are simply interested in learning EFT, you may attend EFT classes without moving onwards in certification.


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EFT Candidate (EFT Cand)

For non-licensed individuals. The first level towards certification lays the foundation for becoming a candidate for practitioner certification. Requirements are completion of in-person Level 1 and Level 2 trainings (there will be webinar options for Level 1), reading the EFT Comprehensive Training Resource Level 1 and Level 2, as well as the Ethics Handbook for Energy Practitioners.  You will also need to take and pass a written multiple choice Level 1 & 2 online test, in addition to a short, online ethics test.

After you have completed the above, you may begin working with others while disclosing that you are in the process of becoming certified. You should also begin your personal EFT work, such as paid sessions with advanced practitioners, The Personal Peace Procedure, and swapping sessions with other candidates.

As a Candidate, you may NOT charge for your sessions.

This EFT Candidate Requirements can now be completed online! Click here to find out more!

EFT Associate (EFT Assoc)

For Licensed Health Professionals ONLY. This is the same as an EFT Candidate except that after the requirements above, you can use EFT in your paid practice as long as you disclose that you are using the tool and currently are getting certified.


EFT Certified Practitioner (EFT-CP)

Once you have become an EFT Associate or Candidate, you may begin your mentoring and practice program. The first step is choosing your mentor(s), and signing a mentoring and practice agreement, before you begin the following:

This EFT Certified Practitioner Requirements can now be completed online! Click here to find out more!

EFT Certified Advanced Practitioner (EFT-CADV)

Here you will receive further support as you expand your practice. There is also a focus on building a thriving business as an EFT practitioner. You may continue with the same mentor or choose a new one.

EFT Certified Professional (EFT-CPROF)

At this level you will deepen and round out your practice by further specializing and/or adding other techniques to your EFT practice. After successfully completing courses in at least 5 complementary courses with at least 3 certifications (and minimum 90 total hours), you will submit certificates of attendances and certification from your chosen courses, and summary of the techniques and how you are incorporating them into your practice.


  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Course (13 hours) and Matrix Reimprinting Certification  (7 hours)
  • EFT Inner Repatterning (12 hours)
  • EFT Picture Tapping Technique (10 hours)
  • HeartMath® Coach Certification (16 hours plus mentoring)
  • NGH Certified Hypnotist (32 hours)

EFT Certified Trainer

We have used our combined knowledge and experience to develop a program that provides you with the needed training to make your workshops successful and worry free. You know EFT – now learn how to transmit that knowledge to others in the best ways possible.

There is also an opportunity to become certified to teach only EFT Level 1.

EFT Master

To become an EFT Master you must:

  • Have used EFT with at least 3000 sessions, and have a current EFT practice with a website and testimonials.
  • Have had a full time practice for more than three years with EFT as a primary modality
  • Submit a video for each of 5 case studies from a multi-session client with complex issues.
  • Submit 3 letters of reference from EFT or associated techniques practitioners.
  • Pass an in depth exam.
  • Demonstrate your skills for other EFT masters in a public forum with your peers assessments. This will be organized by the association.

Note: You can become an EFT Master without being an EFT Trainer, and can become an EFT Trainer without being an EFT Master.