Your journey as an alternative and complementary healthcare professional is never complete– our field is always evolving, and to truly be effective, we must be too! ACHP has a variety of education opportunities for you to take advantage of!

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Use our searchable event directory to find the next class, workshop, or training that’s right for you. We’re proud to feature a events from trainers from a variety of modalities.

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ACHP’s certification opportunities continue to grow. Currently, we offer certification and grandfathering for certifications from other organizations in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

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In order to continue to expand ACHP’s training and certification opportunities as we strive to spread various techniques to as many people as possible, we are pleased to now offer a variety of training and some of our certification options via distance and online courses!

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We have three resource outlets from which our users can benefit. Take advantage of our free training from a variety of professionals in a variety of modalities. Search our database of articles for insight from professionals and trainers all over the world, from a variety of modalities. Last, but not least, check out some of the latest statistics on the alternative and complementary health profession!

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ACHP Radio

In addition to our articles and training resources, ACHP is also a part of EFT Radio. The show, “What’s the Alternative”, is brought to you by professionals actively working in the alternative and complementary healthcare field. Their unique perspectives, years of experience, and expertise will help guide you in your journey, no matter where you are along your path. This show is unique. It does not limit itself to one, single modality nor one single topic– it seeks only to support you and grow the alternative and complementary healthcare field as a whole. Our goal is to further the industry, bettering practitioners and bringing new insight to people all over the world looking to feel and be their best.

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