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Mission Statement

To unite, support, and promote alternative health care modalities and professionals by providing exceptional products, services, and information through an international community.

What Can ACHP Do for You?

For the Public

It doesn't need to stop with your physician. From hypnotherapy and chiropractic to Meridian Tapping and hands-on healing, there is a wide variety of professional interventions that can help you feel better, lesson pain, become stronger, stress less, and help you on your path to full recovery… Read more »

For the Professional

We are here to help you help others. We understand first-hand how confusing and frustrating the path to a successful alternative health practice can be – there are seemingly countless organizations, with countless certifications, resources, and requirements – not to mention how difficult it can be to find other professional services from people who understand how unique the needs of an alternative healthcare practice can be… Read more »

Featured Modality


The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds at home, school, work and play.

Ask a Specialist

Ann Adams

How can I tap in public?

A: Ann Adams, LCSW writes: I teach all my clients “stealthy tapping.” We simply play around with various natural touches that can be used anywhere anytime. Rubbing our finger under our nose, or leaning your chin on your hand with a bent finger, or scratching our heads or under our arms, or placing our fingers around… Read more »

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